case studies

Morning Song Wild Bird Food
rom 2001 to 2006 Morning Song was the fastest growing wild bird food company in the world. How did we do it? Good thinking and door-to-door work!

GOOD THINKING means we kept our consumers happy. Our product was a consumer and bird pleaser because it attracted beautiful wild birds. To further please our consumers, we gave them a very complete in-depth website where they could learn more about wild birds, complete with beautiful graphics, quizes and games. We gave the consumer a portal to interact with the website and we also put enough creative energy into the packaging to really make it fly off the shelf.

DOOR-TO-DOOR work. Morning Song may be one of the few hightly successful companies that never really had a consumer advertising program. We knew are real consumer was the buyers who purchase for the major retailers. We knew our product was good and the consumers would love it, so we focused on the buyers and we marketed to them. In several cases, because we offered the buyers so much research information about wild birds and how to sell our product, that we became the category captain for their entire line.


Magic Fur Ball
Funny name . . . fabulous product. This ingenious device pops into your clothes dryer . . . and once in place acts as a pet hair and lint magnet, lifting those substances and allergens away from clothes throughout the drying process. Also softens fabrics naturally, to greatly decrease wrinkles. And because it separates clothes as they dry, it allows air to circulate more efficiently, thus reducing drying time to save you both energy and money with every load you run.

GOOD THINKING brought the Magic Fur Ball to life when a local inventer designed this product for his own dry cleaning business.

DOOR-TO-DOOR work. Tons of phone calls finally brought the Magic Fur Ball to the eyes of QVC Shopping Network and over 35,000 balls were sold since they started featuring on their channel.

SINCE THEN: This product has found marketing channels with pet distributors, catalog marketers and retail distributors. With little or no competition for a great product that really works, the Magic Fur Ball is bound to show up at your house very soon.

In 2010, the Magic Fur Ball patent was leased to SAS products international!