Magic Fur Ball Removes Pet Hair From Clothes About Magic Fur Ball, LLC?

Magic Fur Ball Removes Pet Hair From ClothesKen Taylor is the inventor of the Magic Fur Ball®.
For over 25 years, Ken has been known in northwest Indiana as the dry-cleaner who can handle worst-case scenarios.

Fire. Flood. Tornado. You name it, by taking on the worst cases in the dry cleaning business, such as restoring a civil war quilts damaged by smoke, or historical museum drapes damaged in a flood, Ken has learned to face major fabric restoration challenges. 10 years ago, a client came in with her drapes and clothes that had a problem Ken had yet to cure . . . Pet Hair! The client had two long-haired persians and a Golden Retriever. Thus spawned the Magic Fur Ball.

According to Ken, “I didn’t think there was going to be any way to get that hair off. I tried tennis balls wrapped with duct tape the wrong way out and anything else you could think of. Then I came up with what was to become the Magic Fur Ball. It took a ton of tries, but we eventually got it right. The thing really works, and it dries clothes faster. I used to hire my seamstress to make fur balls for me at $40 bucks a pop. The balls worked so good, I couldn’t complain. Eventually, I started selling those balls to my dry-cleaner friends to try out. Every one of them called back for more. And that’s it, the Magic Fur Ball.”